Fast Food Weddings You Won't Believe Actually Happened

Who needs a church when you have a perfectly good drive-thru?

Yep. This is a thing. A thing that real people do.

Admittedly, pulling together a wedding is a hard and expensive task. This is especially true if you are trying to stay on top of current trends for your wedding. The venue gets pricey, the flowers get expensive and the catering costs could be astronomical depending on what you have on the menu. We get that cutting a few corners is necessary. So you DIY the invitations and the favors. You cut the guest lists to essential people. Maybe you even learn how to make your own wedding cake. You wait for big sales and try to pull together a chic wedding you are comfortable with hosting.

Or, you simple enlist the help of your local fast food chain.

Well, if you’re these people, you did:

McDonald’s Weddings

Note that we said “weddings,” plural. As in, there are several couples who thought this was a great wedding plan. Whether why hit up the fast food joint for a reception, or literally got married in the actual McDonald’s, a new question they could be asking couples is “would you like to supersize your marriage?”

Taco Bell

An internet romance led to a fast food wedding for a couple in the ironically named town of Normal, Illinois. With a hot pink dress and a few one-dollar tacos, this couple tied the knot in wedded bliss.



This wedding that took place in a KFC was documented and posted by a Reddit user. We are not too sure of the story behind this one, but it is kind of fun to speculate.