How to Make a Wedding Cake

Can’t afford to splurge on your wedding cake? Try making one instead
Make a Wedding Cake

Be your own master baker!

On average, wedding cakes alone can cost $466. The level of detail, the amount of people it serves, and the laundry list of specifications a couple has adds up.

While it was speculated that traditional wedding cakes were on the decline, The New York Times deduced just the opposite. A wedding cake is simply a must at any wedding, and it is an extravagance people are willing to pay for so they can have a confection that really defines them as a couple.

But if you want a jaw-dropping wedding cake and can’t afford to purchase one from any of the best wedding cake bakeries in America, fear not, brides and grooms to-be. You are not doomed to have a wedding cake-free ceremony. If you are truly pinching pennies and want to save big-time on this important confection, you can do so by making a DIY wedding cake.

You read that right; you can master the skill of an artfully made wedding cake by following this simple tutorial. Even if you can’t roll fondant or don’t have a penchant for decorating, you can create the ideal wedding cake in a few simple steps.

Just keep in mind your wedding cake should be a total reflection of your and your spouse-to-be, as it definitely will be if you’re the one baking love right into the cake itself!


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