Farming in the Urban Jungle

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Phaidon Press is hosting an event to educate New Yorkers about city farming
urban garden

urban garden

It's not news that urban farming is on the rise — the trend, as recently noted has gone next-level, with New York' City's rooftop gardens even starting to supply produce to regional supermarket chains year-round. However, for many of the city’s residents living in one-bedroom apartments, studios, or walk-ups, creating rooftop gardens may not seem like an option. If you feel like you’ve reached a similar dead-end on the road to sustainability, don't give up — it's not necessarily true. In fact, Phaidon Press is hosting a panel discussion next week entitled Taking Root: Growing Your Own Produce in Urban Environments.

The event next Monday celebrates the release of Phaidon's new cookbook and produce farming almanac, Vegetables From an Italian Garden, Phaidon Press. It will offer tactics and techniques for making urban farming a reality for all of New York City's denizens. To attend the panel discussion and following cocktail reception at the 83 Wooster Street branch in SoHo at 7 p.m., just RSVP by emailing with the subject line VEGETABLES.

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