Weekly Media Mix: Chicago's BBQ Trend; Scientists Create Human Gelatin; and Kraft Mac & Cheese Gets "Healthy"

Some of the week's biggest food and drink stories
Weekly Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Weekly Media Mix

Every Friday, The Daily Byte's Weekly Media Mix rounds up some of the week's big food stories.

• Minnesota's government shutdown may cause MillerCoors to suspend distribution across the state. [Reuters]
• The USDA released a report on Tuesday highlighting the growth of farm-to-school lunch programs nationwide. [Associated Press]

McDain's restaurant near Pittsburgh banned children ages six and younger from dining there this week. [GS]
• Tracking the booming barbecue trend in Chicago and why so many barbecue spots are opening up there this summer. [Tribune]

• The Texas Tourism Board denies paying Bravo to film the next season of Top Chef in Texas. [Eater]

• New York City diners are less than pleased with Restaurant Week 2011. [Post]

Etsy retailer, oopsmark, is selling bicycle wine racks. [Tech Crunch]

• Kraft Foods Inc. releases their new Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Veggie Pasta, which packs a day's half-serving of cauliflower into every serving, in Wal-Marts and Targets across the U.S. [Seattle Times]
• Rooftop gardens across New York City are starting to supply produce to regional supermarket chains year-round. [Brooklyn Paper]

• A report released by the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that parents of obese children should lose custody. [Eater]
• Scientists in China are developing gelatin derived from human genes rather than traditional animal collagen. [PopSci]

Shame of the Week
• A New Mexico man was indicted Wednesday on charges of publically handing out yogurt tainted with semen. [HuffPo]

• In honor of National French Fry Day this Wednesday, Jon Stewart explores why Americans are so fat. [Daily Show]

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