whipped cream
Wikimedia/Paul Downey

Another French Woman Injured by Exploding Whipped Cream Dispenser

A woman narrowly missed serious injury when her whipped cream dispenser exploded
whipped cream
Wikimedia/Paul Downey

Another French woman was injured by an exploding whipped cream canister, just weeks after a famous blogger was killed by one.

Not even two weeks after popular French Instagram star Rebecca Burger was killed by an exploding whipped cream dispenser, another woman was injured by a similar device that exploded in her home.


According to The Local, a woman in eastern France was baking a homemade dessert for her daughter’s fourth birthday when the whipped cream maker she was using exploded in her hand. She said she was shaking the canister before dispensing the whipped cream, when suddenly the lid to the dispenser was just gone, and the canister had punched a six-inch hole in the ceiling and gotten stuck there. If it had hit her in the head or chest, it could have killed her.


She was so shocked by the explosion and the hole in the ceiling, she did not even notice she’d been injured by another piece of the exploding dispenser until she saw blood running down her leg.


The woman did not say what brand of whipped cream dispenser she was using. The one that killed Burger was by a company called Ard'Time, and The Local reports that it was one of 15 brands of whipped cream dispensers to have products recalled in France over a risk of explosion. Very few people turned in their dispensers, though, and most reportedly had no idea the dispensers could be dangerous.


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