What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Drink Preference

If you believe that the stars navigate your life, as the 40 percent of Americans who consider astrology a science do, it makes sense that you apply this logic to many facets of your life.

Find Out What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Drink Preference

"Astrology is a lot more than your sun sign," explains Stacey Wolf James, a professional psychic-medium, astrologer for over 20 years, and author of Never Throw Rice at a Pisces, the first astrological wedding-planning guide for brides. "A natal chart is based on the position of all the planets, the sun and moon at your time of birth. We all know the power that the position of the moon has on the oceans and tides, and similarly, astrology is based on the forces and cycles of all the planets. Moments in time can be shifted forward and backward to illuminate events in the past and predict events in the future. "

Maybe you feel that your horoscope should dictate what your diet is like, or you use it to help you make choices according to your zodiac preferences. Perhaps you've even used it to help you ensure the best possible outcome, like basing your wedding date choice around it. Or maybe you simply like to read the horoscope section of your favorite website or paper for fun.Whatever your astrological habits may be, it is time to consider another option: your happy hour decisions. Your zodiac traits could be indicative of your personal flavor profile, helping you to savor and enjoy each drink you choose.

"First off, I wouldn't discourage anyone from drinking whatever calls to them," says Kathy Biehl, a professional astrologer and owner of EmpowermentUnlimited.net and, in a "past life," a longtime restaurant reviewer and food writer with awards from the Association of Food Journalists and the Houston Press Club. "Following this flavor profile could surprise them, though. A person could discover that they enjoy a drink that they hadn't thought of before, and might adopt a new signature drink. Also, if you know your moon sign, try the drink for that one, too. The moon sign is your emotional core. It shows what makes you feel loved and nurtured, and for that reason speaks to your relationship with food and flavors."

Basically, you can use astrology as a compass for flavorful decision-making.

"Astrology is a useful tool for understanding how a person is wired," Biehl further explains. "It can help an individual learn (and possibly reframe and redirect) his or her own personality patterns and issues. It is also immensely useful in understanding another person and particularly how you and that person relate."

To help you discover your own zodiac signature cocktail, we enlisted the help of astrologists and food lovers Biehl and Wolf James to match your zodiac traits with your flavor profiles. Cheers to you!


"You are salt of the earth and expect your drinks to follow suit. Strong, simple combinations that have stood the time of time interest you more than inventive, busy concoctions. The venerable Gibson suits you to a "t," for tradition. Gin and dry vermouth carry out a 'work hard; drink hard' mentality; the accompanying maraschino cherry lends sweet reward for your labors."

—   Kathy Biehl



"A playful nonconformist who likes a little verbal sparring from time to time, the Waterbearer needs a go-to cocktail that suits your ever-changing whims. One you can make a few jokes over is a plus. Like an Old Fashioned or a Last Word. No kidding."

—   Stacey Wolf James