What Your Order Says About You on a Date Slideshow

1. Sparking Water

Any way you slice it, it shows you are high maintenance. Even worse? A bottle of still water from the French Alps. What's wrong with tap?

2. The "Palm Beach Shrimp Salad"

You can't fool us — we know you are going to splurge on a pint of Ben and Jerry's once you get home. Or, perhaps, if you have more self-control, you will instead make an emergency fro-yo pit stop on the way home.

3. Grilled Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast

Can you say booo-ring? Found on practically every menu in the world, a simple chicken breast is dull and predictable. And you? You are about as adventurous as the fowl you're eating.

4. An Oversized Bowl of Spaghetti

Live a little! And don't say you opt for pasta because it reminds you of mama's home cooking. Order pasta with marinara, and you are about one level below the person who ordered chicken, playing it too safe unless you're dining in a rustic trattoria in the Italian countryside. Or at Olive Garden (where everyone opts for the endless pasta bowl). Then just maybe it's OK.

5. A Dry-Aged, Bone-In Rib-Eye or Veal Chop, Cooked Rare

Well, well, well. Someone knows their stuff. Opting for rare might mean you are impatient, but certainly not one to be messed with.

7. Panko-Crusted Salmon

You've jumped into the pool, but are keeping your head above water. You don't know enough about the snapper, halibut, or swordfish, and are playing it safe with a fish you've eaten a thousand times before — the fishiness masked by crispy, buttery breadcrumbs.

8. BBQ Ribs

You are confident that: a) You will be able to pick your way through them without staining your outfit (or ending up with sauce slathered all over your face). b) You know you can roll up your sleeves and dig in without worrying about catching charred flakes in your teeth. c) Your date will be impressed by your bold and adventurous spirit (and man or woman, most definitely they will be).

9. A Southern Feast

You've ordered the mini Andouille corn dogs to start, shrimp and grits topped with a fried egg for your entrée, and the homemade cherry pie for dessert. It's clear that you worked out for three hours in the morning, and this is your reward. Might as well make your date think you eat like a trucker even if this isn't your normal nighttime consumption.

10. A Pizza, to Share

This crusty blank canvas can shine a light on your diplomatic compatibility. Who decides the toppings? Do you go halvsies? Do you tell your date what you don’t like and let them pick a fitting topping? Or do you suggest a topping and they just go with it? (If it’s the latter, that’s a major power play. You’re keeping your date on their toes.) And if they’re afraid to share? Well, then for some, the date is all over.

6. Any Red Meat, Well-Done

Like your animal dead? You might as well eat shoe leather, or at least go for a less expensive suggestion. Why order the higher-priced meat but lose out on all of the flavor?