Vans New Foodie Designs Are Awesome

These will have you giving up on your resolution diet faster than you can say ‘yum’
Late Night Authentic

How cool would you look rolling into work wearing taco shoes?

Vans never ceases to impress us with its graphics, but this time it’s our stomachs that are in love with the shoe company’s images. The Late Night Pack, Vans’ new line, features very real images of munchies foods that will make you crave these snacks. Its designs include pizza, fries, hamburgers, and tacos for the late-night muncher. These pics will have you waving goodbye to those healthy New Year’s resolution diets and saying hello to juicy burgers topped off with melted cheese.

Late Night Authentic

If you’re looking for something a bit more cutesy and delectable, the brand has also released shoes featuring vanilla cupcakes, rainbow macarons, and doughnuts with sprinkles. The shoes vary in price from $55 Late Night Authentic cupcake shoes to $70 Late Night Sk8-Hi Reissue shoes featuring a stacked-up cheeseburger. Vans also makes smaller sizes for toddlers that retail at $35 a pair, and who wouldn’t want to dress up his or her little tot in pizza-covered shoes?

Late Night Authentic

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If you’re looking to go all-out in Late Night apparel, don’t stop with taco shoes, buy the Late Night collection $15 taco socks to match. You’ll be decked out in foodie apparel, and we definitely approve of that fashion choice. After all, you’ll look good enough to eat!