3 Health Experts Tell You How to Jump-Start Your New Year’s Resolutions

Brace yourself for the holidays and eat your way into a fresh start
write goals

Keep a food journal and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

The holidays tend to come at a perfect time: right before you cut all of your favorite food groups at the start of the New Year. You allow yourself to overindulge, with the reasoning that you will never eat these foods again once you start your diet.

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The holidays are a time to enjoy family, friends, and delicious food, but overdoing it can set you back and make it harder to start your New Year’s resolution. Instead, starting your resolution before January could be used to your advantage.

“The New Year is always a great time to take a look at our lives, pat ourselves on the back for everything we’ve accomplished, and set our sights on what’s ahead,” said Alissa Rumsey, registered dietitian nutritionist and spokesperson for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “When thinking about improvements we can make to our health, it is important to set measurable and achievable goals that are focused on a lifetime rather than just the next few days or weeks.”

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We spoke with four nutritionists about ways to stay healthy during the holidays and jump-start your New Year’s diet resolution.