These Obnoxious Dining Habits Will End Any Relationship

No tolerance for bad manners

Matthew Jacques / Shutterstock

No tolerance for bad manners.

There are a few dinnertime faux pas that I can understand. Maybe you’re not the best with chopsticks, or maybe you have the palate of a 2-year-old and just can’t stand to eat broccoli. But when it comes to eating with others, there a few deal-breakers.

Complicated or Tedious Orders

I understand dietary restrictions, but if at the end of your order you’ve created a new menu item, then I don’t want to really dine out with you often.

Drowning Your Food

You order a salad and then drown it in dressing — or you paint your French fries with ketchup. This behavior is disgusting and annoying.

Fingers as Forks

Some dishes are created to eat with your fingers, like French fries and Buffalo wings. However, using your hands to eat steak and potatoes is not only is it messy, it’s also embarrassing. How old are you, 2?


Some foods are finger-licking good, but not literally. Restaurants give you napkins for a reason. Use them, because licking your fingers is not an option. Whether you’re at a fine-dining establishment or McDonald’s, it’s never appropriate.

Messy Eating

At the end of your meal, you’re covered in crumbs or stains from condiments. Did you forget to use the napkin or do you need a bib?


Some foods are truly delicious, but it’s not everyone’s business. Smacking is something you learn at an early age. If you’re still doing it past 21, then teaching you not to would be a challenging task.

Sucking Your Teeth

Dental floss was created for a reason. Sucking your teeth is sure to annoy your dining companion.

Social Addiction

If you can’t get through appetizers without having to check your phone for an Instagram update, then that’s a problem.

Talking with a Mouthful

The food may be good and the conversation may be even better, but please take smaller bites and chew your food before speaking.


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