What’s the Right Way to Eat Sushi?

You’ve probably been eating sushi wrong this whole time

Putting wasabi and ginger on a great piece of sushi is like dumping ketchup on a dry-aged steak.

So you’ve decided to eat some sushi. You head to your local sushi joint, sit down at the counter, place your order, and before you know it you’re being handed piece after piece of gleaming sushi. Unfortunately, you’re probably eating it wrong.

Soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger are common sushi accompaniments, but they’re not all supposed to be eaten in one bite along with the sushi. Most good sushi chefs already put a small amount of wasabi under the fish, and piling wasabi onto a fresh piece of fish is like dumping ketchup onto a nice steak.

So what’s the right way to eat a piece of nigiri sushi (that is, rice with a piece of raw fish on it)? Start by pouring a small amount of soy sauce into your dish. Pick the sushi up with your thumb and middle finger (don’t use chopsticks!). Then, flip it upside down and dip it in the soy sauce fish side down (dipping the rice in soy sauce will absorb too much soy and throw off the rice-vinegar balance that chefs work hard to master). Finally, pop the whole thing in your mouth; it’s a big bite, but you can handle it!

So why, you may be asking, are the wasabi and ginger there if there’s no need to use them? Well, if you want to place a small amount of wasabi on the sushi (especially if it’s a roll) you’re allowed to, but try to avoid it (you want to taste the fish, after all!). And as for the ginger, it’s there as a palate cleanser to eat in between pieces of sushi.


Have fun!