Sophisticated Sweets from Jelly Belly

Try these classy and crafty ideas to decorate your party

Fill glass vases with Jelly Belly jelly beans for a colorful accent.

Food decorating has come a long way since fruit cups and macaroni necklaces, so for your next party, inject some sweet color and contemporary flare using a vibrant Jelly Belly craft idea. With more than 100 flavors and shades of colors, Jelly Belly® jelly beans work perfectly as playful décor for a variety of upscale events and themes. The iridescent finishes on the Jelly Belly Jewel Collection are a beautiful accent with any color scheme while flavors like Draft Beer and Champagne offer a shimmering surface and add fun to a grown up theme.

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If an outdoor garden party is on the agenda, infuse your afternoon with botanical hues like greens, pinks, yellows, and purples.  Allow Jelly Belly bean flavors like Lemon Lime, Island Punch, and Berry Blue to inspire your color palette.  The flavor is wonderfully similar to the “real thing,” but when the colors are grouped together they look like a gorgeous blooming hydrangea. Create Jelly Belly bean place settings to match blooming floral centerpieces like Pomegranate flavor with pansies or Island Punch with lilacs.  Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors pair wonderfully with the warm hues of spring to dress up any occasion.

Since summer is the season of the beach (and therefore beach weddings), take into account the serene colors of the ocean for a seaside party or beach-inspired bridal shower. Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors work perfectly in sync with a seaside theme.  Create the illusion of turquoise sea glass with Jewel Berry Blue, Juicy Pear and Jewel Cream Soda flavors poured into an adorable budvase. Invite Starfish to come onto land using five Crushed Pineapple jelly beans, arranged into tiny star shapes or fill up seashells with surprise treats to spread around the party. No one complains when you keep things delicious from beginning to end.

If evening parties are more your thing, nothing goes better with cocktails than…more cocktails.  Which is why Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics® are the perfect adornment for drinks of any kind.  Invite your guests to warm up their palate with Margarita Jelly Belly jelly beans before diving into the real thing.   The little touches are what take a party from good to great.

And, to ensure your attendees leave on a high note, gift them with a bottle of “bubbly” – an adorable decanter filled with Champagne Jelly Belly jelly beans.


To make these crafty ideas, find Jelly Belly jelly beans in bulk at candy stores, in specially packaged bags at party stores, or on