POLL: What Kind of Party Guest Are You?

Everyone knows this person at the party

Shutterstock/ Olesia Bilkei

One of the best parts is all the characters that come out during every event.

Everyone enjoys getting invited to a special occasion — whether it’s a birthday soirée, a dinner party, or a backyard cookout. One of the best parts is all the characters that come out during every event. We all know the co-host, the trainwreck, and the life of the party. Which one are you?

The Co-Host: You’re not really the co-host, but you act like one. You jump in to help at the sign of being needed, you toss empty beer bottles and cups in the recycling bin, and you ensure that guests are enjoying themselves.

The Guy/Girl Who Stands Beside the Food: You’re an opportunist, and the thought of getting your hands on the food before anyone else makes you happy.

The Hard-to-Please Guest: You show up seeking problems. The temperature of the room isn’t quite right. The wine is all right, but too cheap for your taste.

The Life of The Party: You’re ready to party. You brought your own mini bar and created a playlist for the night. You jump on tables and make random strangers feel uncomfortable by dancing with them. You make sure everyone has a drink and no one is sober.

The Trainwreck: You’ve had so much alcohol, but because the booze is free, you’ve got to keep going. You don’t really know your limit until you spend the night next to the toilet.

The Moocher: You showed up empty-handed with a smile. You also brought a bunch of friends, and they’re empty-handed as well. You helped yourself to the bar and was bummed that the host went with house vodka instead of premium.