9 Simple Steps To Make You a Better Host or Hostess

Become a better host in no time with these fun and simple tips

Become a better host in no time with these fun and simple tips.

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Everyone wants to host his or her first soirée in style, whether it’s at home, in your college dorm, or at your first apartment. Celebrations like a housewarming, baby shower, or even just a backyard cookout require a bit of knowledge to bring off well.

9 Simple Steps That Will Make You a Better Host or Hostess

First and foremost, remember that the people you’re inviting to your home are rooting for you. Resist the urge to try out an elaborate dish to impress them — it may turn out less than perfect, and your guests will leave hungry. Don’t go for a complicated cocktail: Cocktails for crowds are typically simple recipes that you can make ahead.

Pull out your punch bowls, freshen up your living space, create a playlist, and celebrate your friends. Even if you are not an amateur host, learning a bit more never hurt. These nine simple steps will help you become the host with the most or the hostess with the mostess.

Be Consistent


If you’ve hosted plenty of dinners before, then your guests will expect the same each time. If, in the past, you greeted your friends with a cocktail at the door, remember to do the same for every occasion.


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The first thing you should do is create a budget. You want to know exactly what to purchase for your party. Determine the number of guests attending, food costs, liquor costs, and décor. These are important factors for getting you a jump-start on hosting.