Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

Just because you're a grown-up doesn't mean birthdays have to be boring; you’ll love these birthday party ideas for adults!
Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Satisfy your inner child with these birthday party ideas for adults.


Birthday parties as a kid were always great. They had fun games, tasty treats, and an endless supply of entertainment. If you are missing those good old days, you can relive them with these fun adult birthday party ideas inspired by the birthdays of your youth!

An Adult Piñata
Admit it: Some of the happiest times in your life were when you got to let out that pent-up kid energy and wail on a paper mâché piñata. Instead of filling your piñata with candies, try loading one up with mini liquor bottles or boozy truffles so your adult pals get the best of both worlds!

An Adult Ice Cream Bar
Remember when mom let you and your friends top sundaes with whatever you wanted for your birthday party? Relive the glory days by setting up your own ice cream “bar” where guests can make birthday treats to their liking.

Adult Entertainment
Whoa, whoa, not that kind of entertainment! Hear us out! When you were a kid, your parents probably got a magician or clown to perform at your party. Instead, why not hire a personal chef for the evening and have them teach you and your friends how to cook a special meal? If that's too much, take a group wine pairing class or host a wine tasting at home curated by a sommelier.