Pizza Fondue Will Take Your Party to a New Level of Awesome

It’s like a pizza-lovers dream
Pizza Fondue


This pizza fondue is unbeatable.

We’re calling all pizza lovers (aka everyone) to try this unbelievably cheesy pizza fondue. With melted cheese, sweet sauce, and pepperoni, all you need is to dip some crunchy bread in for the ultimate snack.

We love eating pizza all the time, but this dish changes things up so you can have the flavor of pizza served at your most elegant party. You don’t even need a fondue pot to make this incredible recipe, you could simply place ingredients into a saucepan, wait for the cheese to melt, and then transfer it into a bowl for dipping.

Click here for the pizza fondue recipe.

If you’re a vegetarian don’t worry; you can replace the sizzling pepperoni with traditional vegetable pizza toppings, like mushrooms, peppers, onions, and even pineapple! You could serve this dish at a pizza party or snack on it for your next movie marathon for a filling, tasty treat. Pair it with real pizza, pizza Pringles, and cheesy Bagel Bites for a pizza overload! Too much? You could also serve this dish at any tailgate, birthday party, or for any night you’re craving pizza. A pizza-lovers dream has been created with this dip, and what better way to start off the new year than with melted cheesy pizza fondue? 

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