Just Because It's Cold Out Doesn't Mean You Can't Brunch Like a Boss

Who says brunch is just for summer?
How to Make Sourdough Pancakes

What says "I love you Mom" quite like sourdough pancakes with bananas foster and a walnut crumble?

Spicy Biscuits and Gravy


These brunch dishes will warm everyone up.

The thought of brunch instantly conjures up images of sunbeams warming your face as you’re enjoying a perfectly poached egg while you sip a Bloody Mary under an umbrella.

People tend to lose the brunch spirit as the cold weather sets in, but we’re here to make your autumn brunch just as fantastic as its summer counterpart. Instead of closing the doors to the crisp air, serve your brunch outside this fall with some heating lamps to keep everyone warm. To truly capture the spirit of brunch in the fall, we have three recipes for warming dishes to serve at your autumn brunch.

Crescent Roll Breakfast Bake

Baking up a breakfast casserole is a key ingredient for any cold day because it can stay warm throughout the meal. This flaky casserole takes crescent rolls and combines them with eggs, Cheddar cheese, spinach, and crispy bacon to give your guests everything they love about brunch in one warm dish.

Click here for the Crescent Roll Breakfast Bake Recipe.

Hot Buttered Apple Cider

Hot Buttered Apple Cider


Replace that cold mimosa or Bloody Mary with a warm glass of spiked apple cider. This sweet cinnamon-filled drink will warm all of your guests up on any crisp fall day, and isn’t too filling, like hot chocolate, so you’ll still have room for your brunch meal.

Click here for the Hot Buttered Apple Cider Recipe.

Spicy Biscuits and Gravy

When it’s cold out, you need something warm and rich on your plate. Biscuits and gravy is the perfect dish because it’s heavy and is topped off with steamy gravy, so it doesn’t get cold too quickly. This recipe uses spicy Italian sausages to give the classic Southern breakfast food an unexpected hot twist that is sure to heat everyone up this season.

Click here for the Spicy Biscuits and Gravy Recipe.

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