8 YouTube Channels All Food Lovers Should Subscribe To

Tired of the same old cooking shows? Don’t forget about YouTube

Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen has become a cult hit. 

When you’re tuned to the same cooking shows on television day in and day out, things can start to get a little boring. If you’re looking for somewhere to turn that’s fresh, new, and constantly reinventing itself, you should consider some of the hundreds of cooking channels on YouTube.

8 YouTube Channels All Food Lovers Should Subscribe To (Slideshow)

If your impression of YouTube is that it’s full of endless cat videos and poorly framed webcam confessionals, well… you’re not entirely wrong. But among the seemingly limitless hours of mundanity there’s some truly compelling content: professionally shot, hosted by competent and talented people, and on just about any subject. And there’s no shortage of great food-related channels that you can (and should) subscribe to. Including The Daily Meal’s YouTube channel!

If you’re a college kid who’s looking to make the most out of ramen and other cheap food, there are channels for you. If you’re looking to go completely raw, vegan, gluten-free, or change your eating habits in any way imaginable, there are channels for you. Want to watch bros make insanely unhealthy food while drinking liquor right from the bottle? There are channels for you, too. YouTube really is a brave new world, and all you need to do to discover it is go exploring.

More and more people (call them millennials if you want to) are “cutting the cord” these days and canceling cable subscriptions altogether in favor of the streaming content they can find online, in places like Netflix and YouTube. We’re not suggesting you do away with Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and public television entirely, but if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, look no further than these eight YouTube channels — then go exploring on your own!

Barbecue Pit Boys

These guys really know their way around a barbecue pit and a grill, and they demonstrate their ample talents on their channel every week. Their recipes can be as simple as cranberry honey barbecue sauce, franks and beans, or bacon and cheese potato soup, but they’re not afraid to get a little crazy, too, showing you how to make dishes including bacon burger whiskey shots, whole beef brisket and bacon-crusted spare ribs, and top sirloin roast beef.

Burger Lab


Richard Blais is one of the country’s hottest chefs, between winning Top Chef All-Stars and running three restaurants, including the super popular Flip Burger Boutique, which has four locations. When he’s not cooking burgers, he’s demonstrating how to make some truly inspired ones on YouTube, on a channel that all burger lovers (and food lovers) should check out. The production values are great, and where else can you watch a Top Chef winner make a chicken ‘n’ biscuit ‘n’ mac ‘n’ cheese burger?