If You've Just Gotten Engaged, Here's What You Have to Do Next

Wedding planning starts the second you say “yes”
Engagement shoot


You're getting married!! Now what?

During the holiday season, engagements spike. Nearly 40 percent of committed couples decide to get married between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, so if you got engaged in 2016, chances are it happened pretty recently.

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So, your soon-to-be spouse got down on one knee, asked the big question, and you excitedly said “yes!” After the initial wave of excitement hits you and passes by, you may be asking yourself: What do I do now?

Though wedding planning may seem like a flurry of choosing bridesmaids and picking out dresses and tasting wedding cake, there are a lot of practical things that need to be done, some of which need to happen not too soon after you’re officially engaged. The ring is on your finger, but you need to get it insured. You’ve agreed to get married, but now you need to let people know and start figuring out boring things like budgeting and guest lists.


Even though that ring is brand new and you’re living on a romance-filled cloud nine, it’s time to get to work.