Food-Themed Engagement Shoots

Couples explore their culinary side when sending their save the dates

In this relationship, Brian, the groom, does all the cooking; Danielle is a bit frazzled.

Weddings can be a bit stressful. All right, more than just a bit. However, there are tons of opportunities throughout the planning process that can be very fun for the bride and the groom. For instance, the engagement photo shoot. 

We’ve seen some interesting save-the-date and engagement shoots in the past, even including this Twilight-themed one, but now we've looked into food-filled shoots for the culinary crazed couple. At first, we didn't think we would find many examples, thinking no couple would eat in their glamour shots. Boy, were we wrong. 

While an invitation to the main event can tend to be a bit more formal, it seems as of late, couples are opting for a more relaxed and whimsical save the date that reflects their personalities as a couple.
We’ve found couples in the kitchen, couples on a picnic, couples gardening — even couples re-enacting a Lady and the Tramp moment. If you’re engaged, think about it — is there a favorite meal you love cooking together or do you and your fiancé swap nights in the kitchen? Did he propose at a local restaurant? 

If you’re die-hards about food like we are here at The Daily Meal, it’s something unique to consider!
Bon appétit!