25 Things You Can Do To Be A More Polite Person

It's not always easy trying to become a better person. Some common goals like losing weight, quitting smoking, or being more charitable are just easier said than done. If you're looking for an easy way to improve your life and the lives of those around you, try being more polite

25 Things You Can Do to Be a More Polite Person Gallery

It's easy to let the world get the best of you and think of yourself first. But being gracious, kind, and courteous are great personality traits that few people have anymore. Being polite will help you in life by making a lasting, positive impression on those around you. You may find that it will also improve your mood and reduce stress.

Becoming a more polite person is also incredibly easy. Sure, you have to avoid the irresistible pull of gossip and maybe hold the door open once in a while, but you can also do really small things such as use people's names, listen closely during conversations, and resist the urge to text when in the company of others. Want more tips to being more polite? Read on for 25 easy things you can do.