How to Survive Cooking Valentine's Day Dinner with Your Sweetie

Don’t let the kitchen turn into a battle zone, especially one a day devoted to love
Survive Valentine’s Dinner

Learn how to cook collaboratively with your Valentine.

It happened... again. Suddenly you're less than a week away from the most romantic night of the year and you've got nothing planned. Last year you forgot dinner reservations, so you spent the night eating too many conversation hearts and promptly suffered from the Great Sugar Crash of 2014.

How to Survive Cooking Valentine's Day Dinner with Your Sweetie

The year before wasn't much better; your forgetfulness forced you and your honey to spend the evening poking at what was claimed to be food at the newly opened "molecular gastronomy" restaurant in the hippest part of town.

This year, you can't afford to foul up Valentine's Day again. Instead of scrambling to find the perfect restaurant or frantically planning an "adventure" neither of you want to embark upon, why not try to make your own kitchen a romantic oasis?

You're an adult! You can read a recipe! You can do this. In fact, you can make a night of it by cooking a meal with your significant other. A romantic evening in the comfort of your own home? Sign. You. Up.

However, if this is your first time cooking with your loved one, you want a game plan. Yes, you love each other, but the saying "too many cooks in the kitchen" most likely originated after a couple nearly sautéed each other's faces instead of the onions in frustration. Okay, we're kidding, but being in tight quarters while trying to accomplish a task with another human can be stressful, even if you’re in love.

To help you make sure you survive this intense and rewarding quality time with your Valentine, we composed a list of essentials steps. This way, no “accidents” happen while you're chopping the peppers...

Step 1: Make a Meal Plan Together

If you are the head chef in your home kitchen, it is time to step down from the helm. Consult with your partner about what he or she wants to cook. Perhaps your boyfriend is the master of eggs — let him cook an egg dish. Make sure that he feels confident in the dish choice so you can both feel like you are contributing.

Need some ideas on what to make? Try any of these Valentine’s Day recipes!

Step 2: Don’t Forget Dessert

Dessert is essential on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re baking, you need to work on this portion first so it is ready in time for your meal. Choose a dessert that really speaks to your relationship, or one you just know you’ll devour, and be sure to follow the recipe! Remember: baking is a science!


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