Heart-Shaped Sweets for Your Valentine

Tell her you love her with a heart-shaped sweet
Heart-Shaped Valentine Sweets

Your special someone will swoon over these sweets.

To some, Valentine’s Day is simply a Hallmark holiday. They truly believe it was created by candy and card companies to bring in money, and those people will just never buy into the sentiment and mushy feelings. For others, Valentine’s Day is truly a day to show your love and express your feelings without judgment, without fear. Sure, it’s a little bit cheesy and you’ll be waiting hours for a dinner reservation, but showing love on Valentine’s Day can be fun and exciting, if you’re prepared.

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Now, you can always craft a beautiful dinner for your loved one — break out the big guns and cook up a steak or grill a lobster coated in butter — but let’s be real here. Valentine’s Day is all about the desserts. The chocolate-covered strawberries and sampler boxes of chocolates fly off the shelves en masse and show up wrapped in a pretty ribbon at the bedside table of every girlfriend, wife, and significant other. Yes, buying up those treats is customary and easy, but it is just as easy to make your own treats at home. It is equally as easy to turn those homemade — and, if we may, more thoughtful — treats into heart-shaped goodies.

Create a beautiful breakfast in bed, complete with heart-shaped pancakes with raspberry sauce drizzled over top. Homemade gifts are typically better thought-out than something you can grab at the last minute from the store. Check out these 11 heart-shaped treats you can make for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

For some people, Valentine’s Day means crafting a special breakfast for the one you love. Make it extra special by turning your muffins into pretty, heart-shaped ones. Simply insert a marble between the muffin paper and the muffin tin (on the side, not underneath). It will keep the muffin from filling to its standard shape and will create an adorable heart-shape for breakfast.

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Desserts are pretty much a given on the most loving day of the year. Tartlets are great for the occasion, since they can be shared over a romantic candlelit dinner. To make your tartlet heart-shaped, simply press the crust into the bottom of a heart-shaped mini tart pan. Bake as usual.


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