Here Are 3 Perfect Excuses for Not Drinking at a Party

When you’re just not looking to get tipsy


Saying "no" doesn't need to be so hard.

Whether you’re pregnant but not yet telling people, trying to keep sober for personal reasons, a designated driver, or simply don’t like to consume alcohol, trying to take the attention off yourself when you don’t want to drink can be hard. No one said peer pressure ended in high school.

So if you’re at a party and don’t want to drink, try these three perfect excuses:

Claim Illness
Giving any sort of medical reason for not drinking is sure to get you out of the conversation at lightning speed. Whether you “have a headache,” are “on antibiotics,” or simply “have a stomachache,” everyone knows that alcohol can worsen these conditions. Sure, you may be telling a little white lie, but that’s perfectly OK to do from time to time.

Make a Joke
Defusing any semi-awkward interaction with humor is always a good way to go in our book. “I’m uncoordinated enough; I don’t need to add vodka.” “I’m not looking to end up in the drunk tank tonight; I look terrible in stripes.” Sure, these jokes are corny, but they get the job done.

Be Straight, Firm, and Steadfast
It’s not always the best way to go, but sometimes it’s best to just say no. “Nah, I’m good.” If your friends keep following up, just stay firm in your refusal. If simple answers don’t do the trick, there’s no harm in going up to the bar and ordering a non-alcoholic drink with a garnish and pretending it’s a vodka soda, or even getting a glass of wine and just not drinking it.