Fun St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Kids Slideshow

Shamrock Sugar Cookies

These cookies are simple, easy, and have plenty of room for personal style. Help your kids cut out the classic shamrock shape and leave the decorating and the icing to them.


Grasshopper Brownies

With green as the signature hue of the holiday, minty treats come into play — these fudgy brownies add a sharp kick of peppermint that’s sure to be a hit.


Pot of Gold Chex Mix

Chex Mix makes for a smart snack in any kid's lunch. Add a bit of color to make it festive in the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day to get your kids excited.


Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Make these colorful treats in honor of the rainbow to the pot of gold.


Top of the Morning Pancakes

Start the day off right and add a bit of green dye to your pancake mix to make breakfast a festive one. 

Leprechaun Limeade

Surely the kids get a green drink, too? Blend together lime sherbet and Sprite for a fun mocktail or punch.