Everything You Need To Eat, Drink And Do This Fall

Saying goodbye to summer can be bittersweet; the season's long days, consistent warmth and ample outdoor activities leave little to be desired. But as October rolls in, a new season that's also abundant with plenty of things to do, eat and drink emerges: Fall. But with so many things to choose from — apple picking, baking, pumpkin spice lattes — where do you start? Don't worry; we have 30 fun and filling activities for your fall foodie bucket list.

Go apple picking

With temperatures trending down, fall is the perfect time to be outside. Head over to your favorite apple orchard and stock up on the season's freshest produce. When you're finished, bake the fruit into pies, crisps and more.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Few things are more emblematic of fall than pumpkins. The gourd is used as decoration and its flavor is the fall highlight of baked goods, coffee and more. Pick up a few pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch this fall and while you're there, enjoy the other attractions, like hayrides and petting zoos.

Carve a pumpkin

Once you've picked up your pumpkins and brought them home, it's time to get carving! A jack o'lantern with a triangle-shaped nose and eyes are classic, but feel free to mix things up and carve in a cat, full moon or other spooky symbols.

Roast pumpkin seeds

Don't forget to roast your pumpkin seeds when you're done carving! The timeless treat can be made in a variety of ways. Make them savory by tossing them in salt, garlic powder and paprika. Or try a sweet version of the snack by using common pantry staples like ginger powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar and clove powder.

Drink apple cider

No fall would be complete without apple cider, whether you prefer it hot or cold. The sweet, spiced beverage can be bought in stores or made from scratch, which is a great way to use leftover apples. 

Eat an apple cider doughnut

Of course, no cup of cider would be complete without an apple cider doughnut. The two go together like milk and cookies. Pick up a box from the grocery store, or make them from scratch by following this easy recipe.

Bake a pie

After a summer of keeping your oven off as much as possible, you can use it again this fall without turning your house into a sauna. Put fall's bounty of fruits to use by baking a pie. Apple pie or pumpkin pie are the classics, but any pie tastes better in the fall.

Drink a pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin spice lattes are on just about every coffee shop's menu come fall. The iconic blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and ginger can easily be made at home and added to your morning coffee.

Maneuver your way through a corn maze

Most pumpkin patches and apple orchards come equipped with a corn maze — an intricate maze cut into a cornfield. It's a fun activity when you want to enjoy fall's fresh air — just don't get lost!

Eat Halloween candy

Halloween is one of fall's biggest events. Getting dressed up in your favorite costume and going door to door for candy is a right of passage as a kid, but even if you're all grown up, you can still get nostalgic for a night and snack on your favorite Halloween candy.

Make a spooky cocktail

There are plenty of ways to get in the fall spirit and doing spooky activities is one of the best. If you're hosting a party or attending a potluck, try making a themed cocktail like this green lagoon punch, which has a floating hand in the center.

Cook with Halloween candy

You can do more with Halloween candy than eat it straight out of the wrapper. Turn Snickers, Reese's and more treats into playful desserts like chocolate cupcakes and peanut-butter-lovers trail mix.

Drink pumpkin beer

We've already established that pumpkin is a quintessential fall flavor in lattes and baked goods, but it also extends to alcoholic beverages. Head over to your favorite brewery and try pumpkin beer before the season is over. 

Attend Oktoberfest

Although Oktoberfest — the world's largest beer festival — takes place in Germany, there are Oktoberfest-inspired events that happen worldwide. You'll find good beer, good German-inspired food and fun activities. Be sure to whip out those lederhosen and brush up on your dancing skills before you head out!

Go to a farmers market

Farmers markets aren't just for summer! The hubs of fresh fruits, vegetables and other fare from miscellaneous vendors pop up all over the place during fall. Head over to one and stock up on the season's freshest ingredients for soups, stews and other comfort foods with your haul. 

Perfect your stuffing

As mentioned earlier, it's never too soon to start perfecting your Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone knows the star of the meal is the stuffing. Sure, the boxed stuff is good, but there's something about a homemade bowl of stuffing that shines above the rest. Perfect the dish as best you can leading up to November 25.

Make chili

Fall is the season for comfort food. After a hot summer filled with cold dishes, it's time to welcome back hearty warm meals like chili.

Go camping

Camping may seem like more of a spring and summer activity but the cooler temperatures make fall the perfect time to get away and explore the outdoors. Make a fire, roast some marshmallows and enjoy!

Plan a Thanksgiving menu

It's never too early to start perfecting your Thanksgiving dinner. Plan a menu in advance so when the holiday arrives you'll know exactly what dishes you want to serve.

Go to a tailgate

Football games are great but the real excitement is reserved for the tailgate. You'll need good beer and good friends but most importantly, you'll need good food. Bring dips, pigs in a blanket, sandwiches and more delicious tailgate dishes.

Make cranberry sauce from scratch

Canned cranberry sauce is good, but nothing compares to the homemade stuff. Using fresh fruit brings the tart flavors of the side dish to life. Keep it classic by cooking the cranberries in orange juice and spices like cinnamon and coriander.

Cook different squash varieties

Squash is fall's hottest vegetable, and there are dozens of varieties, each with its own unique flavor. Try a few different squash recipes before the season ends. Cut up butternut squash into cubes for roasting or try smooth, nutty spaghetti squash served with spicy picada and parmesan cheese.

Host an adult Halloween dinner party

Halloween isn't just for kids! Plenty of adults like to dress up and enjoy the spooky holiday and hosting an adult Halloween party is a great way to go. Serve batch cocktails, themed appetizers and more.

Have a Halloween movie marathon

One of the easiest ways to get in the Halloween spirit is to watch your favorite horror movies. Have a scary movie marathon with friends and family and be sure to bring snacks, like popcorn, pigs in a blanket and pizza pinwheels.

Make s’mores around a bonfire

Backyard barbecues may end with summer, but fall welcomes in the backyard bonfire. Roast hot dogs, marshmallows and more around the fire. Don't forget to tell a scary story or two before the night ends.

Bake a pumpkin dessert

Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin chocolate bread ... the possibilities are endless for desserts that use pumpkin. Bake one this season and before you know it, your house will smell better than a pumpkin-scented candle.

Roast a chicken or turkey

Running your oven for long periods of time during the summer can be brutal, which means you likely haven't enjoyed a roast chicken or turkey in months. Make up for all of that lost time by whipping up one this fall. Make a roast turkey with maple and smoke or try roast chicken with everything bagel seasoning.

Dress up in a costume

Don't let Halloween pass by without dressing up in a costume. Whether you're taking your little ones trick-or-treating or going to a costume party with friends, the holiday is fun for people of all ages and it defines the fall season.

Try a new-to-you fall vegetable

If you're the kind of person that always has Brussels sprouts and carrots during the fall, it's time to expand your horizons. This season, try cooking something a little more adventurous, like squash or artichokes. For more ideas of what to cook this fall, check out our complete seasonal produce guide.

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