25 Top Event Planners Reveal This Spring's Wedding Trends

Have the most stunning, on-trend wedding ever with the help of professionals
Mismatched wedding dresses


Matching bridesmaids dresses? Not in 2017!

When planning your dream wedding, it’s hard to know how to balance your own personal taste, classical elements, and the current year’s trends. Of course, you don’t want your wedding to be so out of date, and you also want a timelessness to your big day so you don’t look back at your wedding photo album and cringe at the fashions. (We’re looking at you, ‘80s puffy sleeves!)

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Luckily for 2017 brides, the current fashions are stunning and complex, yet still rooted in classic designs (with a twist). And as couples out there get ready for their weddings in spring 2017 (and beyond), we reached out to some of the country’s leading experts on wedding planning. From caterers to stylists to wedding planners and everything in between, these 25 event planners can help your day to be as on-trend as possible for the upcoming year.

In 2017, it’s all about the highly personalized, extravagant experience. From flowers on the ceiling to caricature artists giving your wedding guests one-of-a-kind favors to curating a wedding menu that’s personalized to your history and tastes, it’s important to make your wedding as unique to you as possible.

Furthermore, falling in line with 2017’s Pantone color of the year, Greenery, natural elements such as herbs, wood, and fresh, local flowers are as important as ever. Bringing nature indoors is huge in 2017 entertaining in general, so of course weddings are no exception.

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