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The Biggest Wedding Trends in Every Decade Since 1900

Wait until you hear about a 1980s wedding cake

Like most things in the world of entertaining, trends in wedding planning are constantly evolving. Things that were all the rage even just 10 years ago are seen as outdated and even a little bit strange today. And we’re not even talking about your mom’s puffy sleeves and big hair from the 1980s, we’re also talking about things from just last decade — remember cupcake towers instead of a tiered wedding cake?

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Everything from wedding cakes to what flowers are in vogue to how (and where) wedding ceremonies are held has completely changed since the 1900s. Even just 30 years ago, a sleeveless wedding dress wouldn’t have been considered remotely appropriate, but it’s the norm today.

We’re not just talking about bridal fashions here, either. (Though bridal fashions do play an important role in the overall aesthetic of a wedding.) Everything about a wedding, from how (and where) a ceremony and reception is held to the vows to the desserts and flowers evolves from decade to decade. And though each and every bride today may try to customize her wedding to the very last detail to create a deeply personal experience, she may not even know that she’s actually falling into the biggest wedding trend of the modern era. Don’t believe us? Click here to check out the biggest wedding trends from every decade since the 1900s.