Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Shopped for Easter at Target

On the Run… to Target

Beyoncé, a personal assistant, and her daughter Blue Ivy shopped at Target for Easter supplies in Los Angeles.

Stars, they’re just like us! Beyoncé took her daughter Blue Ivy on a Target run (along with a personal assistant, natch) to stock up on Easter supplies.

The Lemonade icon was spotted in Los Angeles loading her red cart to the brim with plastic Easter eggs and other Easter goodies. The mother of three was photographed by Target employees and customers who saw her roaming the aisles, hopefully putting together one heck of an Easter basket for 6-year-old Blue Ivy and her baby siblings Rumi and Sir.

Yoncé is back to shopping at Target after feuding with the chain for not stocking her album BEYONCÉ after its surprise drop. According to W Magazine, Target released a public statement apologizing for aligning with Amazon and not selling the record-breaking album. Knowles retaliated by giving out 750 Walmart gift cards worth $50 a piece to shoppers so they could buy the album. The singer remained exclusively a Walmart gal… until now.

Although we didn’t spot any Peeps or Easter chocolates in her cart, we can only assume that Easter celebrations at the Knowles-Carter household are filled with tasty treats and fun family Easter traditions.

Hopefully Bey will be picking up some eggs to dye a few days before. We just know her Easter egg dyeing would be world class.