Best of...Dream Parties Slideshow

Marie Antoinette-Inspired Party

The party of my dreams — that’s easy. It's Marie Antoinette decadence meets Candyland. Set in a French castle, it will feature rooms filled with sweets — cakes, candy, pies, cupcakes — and decadent savory eats like the finest Brie my millions can buy. The signature drink would be Moscato di Asti. The dress code would involve over-the-top gowns for the ladies and tuxes for the gents. If Katy Perry were a party, this would be it. —Nina Fomofud, Contributing Writer

Tropical Beach Party

My party would take place on the beaches of a tropical, remote island where everyone would be provided with a cabin to stay in after the party is over. There would be hibachi grills set up all along the beach for dinner, where turkey sliders and fried mac and cheese balls would be featured as hors d’oeuvres. As for dessert, a chocolate fountain, s ’mores station, and gelato are all must-haves. We would sip on fruity cocktails like Sex on the Beach, and also have a keg. A good amount of bands from all different genres would be our source of entertainment. 

—Trish Clasen, Entertain Intern

20's by the Sea Party

Located in Martha’s Vineyard, this tented bash will feature a roaring '20s jazz band, big bulb lights, and a dance floor. Tables will be set with all-white dishes in different styles, vintage cutlery, and each place setting will be unique but linked by a cohesive theme and would come topped with fried oysters upon being seated. Flower centerpieces would consist of white peonies, and white and blue hydrangeas.

The menu would consist of steamed Maryland blue crabs, mini lobster rolls, mini corn on the cobs, raw oysters (East Coast; blue points, and local), fresh cabbage salad with rocket, cucumber, basil, and asparagus in a light citrus dressing, a watermelon salad with feta, arugula, and cabbage in an Asian sesame dressing, baskets of thinly sliced, crisp truffle fries also for each table, wild mushroom risotto balls and mini burgers/sliders. We would sip the finest champagne — Voirin Jumel — and for dessert, fresh seasonal berries served with gelato and assorted chocolates would grace each table. —Tyler Sullivan, Assistant Editor


All Around the World (Literally) Party

If I were to have the ultimate party, it would start on the other side of the world and hit up six continents. We would fly on the Concorde. Working from east to west so partiers would gain time as they went through time zones, the party would start at sunrise at the beach in Bali. Next up, we’d have dim sum in Hong Kong and some gambling in Macau, followed by lunch in the Seychelles. Dinner would be in Venice followed by clubbing in Paris and bar-hopping in London. The party would end with a slumber party at Central Park, which would be equipped with state-of-the-art cabanas for sleeping. —Lauren Mack, Travel Editor

Bollywood Mashup Party

My party would be a fine-dining Bollywood mashup. An unlikely pairing, but after living in India for a year I know that Bollywood throws a party but the food still has to be key. I'd bring in my favorite performer, Beyoncé, and she would join the Bollywood dancers and throw a huge concert. Beyond that, the decorations would be Bollywood-themed with elephants and candy and dancers everywhere. But instead of having a meal we'd create stations where you have the world's top chefs making chef counter meals, right in front of you. We'd bring in the executive chef of each of the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants, and they would be chatting away and explaining their food and talking to the guests. I'd have to also bring in special guest chef Sean Brock to represent my Charlestonian upbringing and I'd have Christina Tosi overseeing the desserts. Fine dining, Bollywood, and a few elephants — what could be better? —Ali Rosen, Video Producer

Midnight in Paris Party

Picture the scene: New Year’s Eve, in Paris. On a rooftop near the Luxembourg gardens, close enough to see the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the background. Twinkly lights everywhere. Black-tie waiters swirling around with Kir Royales in hand, as party-goers cheer in the streets below. The champagne fountain is flowing, the oysters, fromage, and baguettes are circling the room, and I’m obviously the center of attention with my 100 closest friends and family. (Oh, did I not mention Christian Louboutin picked out my shoes personally for the party?) Norah Jones is playing the piano in the background with her jazz quartet, as my boyfriend John Legend just finished his set. We all get buzzed (but not too drunk) off champagne and spirits, and have big, romantic kisses at midnight with fireworks overhead.

Marcy Franklin, Associate Editor

Bohemian Romance Party

I'll be decked out in the most magical Alexander McQueen gown ever, and my party would be the stuff dreams are made of. Where bohemia meets the Moroccan Mediterranean Sea, my party would take place in the candy-colored hills of Cinque Terre in Italy. 

Chiffon in a million warm-toned hues would drape the ceilings complete with the most gorgeous vintage chandeliers and would create a lush ambiance. Peonies, garden roses, and vines galore would line tables and chairs. We would eat truffled risotto, heaps of fresh cavatelli with broccoli rabe, and focaccia that is so soft it's like pillows. Fresh-caught fish from Amalfi would grace our tables as we toast with Dom 95 flowing all night long. As for dessert, gelato, chocolate truffles, and mounds of sea-salted caramel would be eaten out on the terrace while we prepare to head out on the water — since every guest gets to spend the night under the stars in tents on the beach. —Francesca Borgognone, Entertain Editor

Clueless-Themed Soiree

OK, so you're probably going, is this like a Noxema commercial or what?

But seriously, it's actually a way cool party inspired by Clueless.  What am I wearing? An Alaia. It's like a totally important designer. Instead of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, we've got Justin Bieber. (Don't worry, it's present day so he's legal.)  Instead of Marky Mark, we've got Ryan Gosling planting a celebrity tree. (OK, Marky Mark is there, too, but just call him Mark Wahlberg). Instead of a white Jeep, everyone goes home in their very own white Lamborghini.  (Don't worry, I've hired designated drivers for everyone)!

Now, the food. There's a raw bar, with oysters on ice (and diamonds). Morimoto is deboning a fish and making sushi right in front of your face.  There's a cotton candy machine, and a Jeni's ice cream bar. You know all the junk food you thought didn't exist anymore (e.g. 3-D Doritos)?  Well, they're all back. Shake Shack is there flippin' burgers. And it goes without saying, you'll be sipping boozy milkshakes, Patrón margaritas, and the most expensive whiskey known to man.

— Jane Bruce, Photo Editor

Seaside Pool Party

My dream party would take place outdoors in the backyard of a gorgeous seaside estate. There would be a pool with tea lights floating elegantly and colorful paper lanterns. The theme of the food would be a clam bake with plenty of fresh seafood and seasonal produce. There would be lots of dancing and drinking until the sun comes up. — Molly Aronica, Eat/Dine Editor

Ocean-Front Party

Ocean-front party with a concert by a number of bands including, but not limited to, Dave Matthews, Phish, LMFAO, Robyn, Foster the People, Rihanna, etc. It would be a Mexican fiesta theme with all the appropriate fixings: tacos, chimichurri, quesadillas, taquitos, rice and beans, guacamole, salsa, avocado. Tons of tequila would be flowing, as well as Coronas. That is my dream party. —Anne Dolce, Cook Editor

Toga at the Apollo Party

My epic toga party would take place on top of the Acropolis, inside and around the ruins of the Parthenon. I would serve elaborate variations on Greek salad (all with the finest feta), as well as saganaki (fried cheese, lit on fire), stuffed grape leaves, and grilled calamari. For dessert, baklava and loukoumades with Greek coffee would be served. We’d drink endless shots of ouzo, Mythos beer, and the signature cocktail, The Apollo (made with Greek spirit, Metaxa). Everyone must wear their best togas. Party begins at dusk, watching the sun set over the Aegean Sea as ancient men play traditional Greek music. By night there is exceptional lighting and DJs blasting only the trashiest Euro beats. —Tim McGeever, Public Relations Manager