Baileys S+C
Carolyn Menyes

Baileys Releases Limited-Edition Strawberries and Cream Flavor: Here’s How It Tastes

Is the pretty pink liqueur as delicious as it looks?
Baileys S+C
Carolyn Menyes

Is the strawberry flavor worth it in this new Baileys flavor?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Baileys has released a new seasonal flavor. Fitting with the always-romantic dessert chocolate-covered strawberries, the Irish cream company has unveiled its Strawberries and Cream flavor. And on one of the most romantic days of the year, we taste tested it.

Described on the back of the bottle as “the luscious Irish cream found in Baileys, infused with a delightful ripe strawberry flavor and the taste of delicious vanilla,” Baileys Strawberries and Cream pours a beautiful, milky shade of the still-trendy millennial pink. The color and description had many of our editors excited, but did the taste stack up to our own hype?

According to some editors, the answer was a resounding yes. “It’s creamy and sweet. It already tastes like a milkshake with a little bit of a burn at the end, so I’m a big fan,” one said. Many felt that while the taste was more than satisfactory, the smell was oddly super-boozy. So, you know, maybe sip this liqueur without smelling it first.

Others were less enthused by the latest Baileys product. “I was excited for this because I love strawberry milk,” one editor commented, “but it was honestly just fine. I much preferred their pumpkin spice Baileys.”

Carolyn Menyes/The Daily Meal

Pretty in pink.

Overall, the consensus was that this liqueur was a decent addition to the Baileys lineup, though we could not fathom adding it to an actual cup of coffee. Instead, we felt it would be the perfect thing to add into a boozy milkshake.

Food samples for review were provided by their producers at no cost to The Daily Meal.