Watch: Danish Orchestra Performs after Eating Ghost Peppers

Each person eats one of the world’s hottest peppers, and then continues to perform
Watch: Danish Orchestra Performs after Eating Ghost Peppers

An entire orchestra has to eat some of the world's hottest peppers, then play a song.

In this thrilling and utterly pain-inducing video, master manipulator Claus “Chili Klaus” Pilgaard has convinced the members of a classical orchestra — the Danish National Chamber Orchestra — to eat some of the world’s hottest chilies (Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blends, and ghost peppers), and then play Jacob Gade’s “Tango Jalousie.”

There’s a lot of sweating, wincing, grimacing, brow-mopping and tears. The entire orchestra is in agony, but they hold it together beautifully.

Of course, Chili Klaus leads the whole performance at the conductor’s stand.

The whole video is hilarious and made even more impressive by the fact that the entire orchestra is formally dressed and many of them have to remain standing the whole time. As soon as the song is over, the orchestra breathes a sigh of relief, and then almost immediately doubles over in pain.

Watch the full video below, and be prepared to laugh at their pain:

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