9 Sexy Cakes Slideshow

1. S & M Cake

This cake is for the person who loves Rihanna's song, maybe just a bit too much. Can you hear it now? "Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me..."

2. Bottoms Up Cake

With a full skirt that big (and layers and layers of tulle), a can-can girl has to have a little fun. Remember the Shop Rite commercials? Inspired by the designs of Debbie Brown, this can-can cake is a favorite at the Santa Monica-based The Butter End for those looking for something sassy (and sexy).

3. Marilyn Monroe Cake

From her busty figure, to her unforgettable Happy Birthday serenade of JFK, Marilyn was one sexy blond bombshell, and just the inspiration Jacques Patisserie in Suncook, N.H. needed when designing a cake for one Marilyn-look-alike celebrating a momentous birthday.

4. Bathing Hippo

A bathing beauty and lots of bubbles. What's not to like?

5. Red Hot Cake

Inspired by the silhouettes of pole dancers, a cake need not be overtly outrageous to be sassy and sexy, like this cake designed for one red-hot mama by Jacques Patisserie.

6. Sexy Vampire Cake

Think Corpse Bride meets Bella Swan in the latest installment of Twilight, dressed up to dance like a go-go dancer. From The Butter End.

7. Bikini Cake

This lingerie-inspired cake from Cabot, Ark., designer Cakes By Sam is one racy cake, when left to the imagination.

8. Flamenco Cake

Moving with intention and passion, and looks that could kill, flamenco dancers know how to look sexy. Jacques Patisserie has certainly captured that feeling with this cake.

9. Battling Heroine Cake

Who needs a full set of armor, let alone clothing, to battle the dragon? Not this woman.