9 Fictional Characters You Would Not Mind Eating (Slideshow)

Admit it, the idea of a beer-battered Ursula is appealing to you...

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Instead of terrorizing New York and forcing the Ghostbusters to take him down, why couldn’t we all have eaten him? Think all of all of Fluffernutter sandwiches we could have enjoyed!

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The Big Bad Wolf

Don't you just hate a bully? The Big Bad Wolf is no stranger to making people feel awful and while we aren't sure he would taste very good, we wouldn't feel too guilty if he weren't around.

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A jacked-up turtle with a predisposition for stealing princesses, Bowser from the Mario Bros. is one evil villain. We could easily help the Italian plumber out by serving Bowser up as the main course in snapper soup.

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The Flying Monkeys

Whether you are a Wizard of Oz fan or you love Once Upton a Time, you know that those flying monkeys are a nasty nuisance. With their razor sharp teeth and bat like wings, we are pretty confident it'd be worth it to cook them and rid them from any world.

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Who needs a conniving octopus around when you could have the meatiest calamari ever? Think about it, you could host the most epic seafood bake between her and her evil eel pals!

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Pizza the Hutt

If you're a Spaceballs fan, you know that Pizza the Hutt was already eaten by his foes. But we wouldn't mind letting that cheesy jerk perishing again at the mercy of our chompers.

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Constantine’s Frog Legs

Thanks to the new Muppet’s movie we don’t have to stoop as low as eating Kermit to get our frog legs fix. Who needs an evil Kermit anyway?

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Hook’s Crocodile

Not that we are all for helping out the evil pirate Hook, but the crocodile that is after him presents a potentially delicious dinner. Baked or fried, alligators are a southern delicacy that could just be too good to pass up!

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Kaa’s attempt to lure Mowgli into a trance in The Jungle Book may have been unsuccessful, but we are still bitter. That sneaky hypnotizing serpent would make an adventurous meal. Grilled snake, anyone?

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