5 Shooters Way More Delicious Than Traditional Tequila Shots

Shooters can be a tasty treat, rather than a dreaded drink


Swap the tequila shot for a creamy, flaming B52 shooter.

Every time someone calls for a round of shots, tequila always seems to be the habitual option. And we’re not entirely sure why. No one really enjoys the taste of this spirit when it’s drunk alone, and everyone dreads the worst kind of hangover, the tequila hangover. Next time, swap the dreaded tequila shots for these tasty shooters, which will have you immediately ordering another, rather than running away from the bar as fast as you can.

B52 Flaming Shooter

This sweet, creamy shooter is the perfect, rebellious after-dinner drink. Set alight for dramatic effect, this shooter not only tastes good, it looks impressive too. To make one, pour coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua), Irish Cream (such as Bailey’s), and Grand Marnier in even layers into a heatproof glass. If you want to light it, make sure you gently warm the Grand Marnier before adding it.

Birthday Cake Shooter                                               

This one is perfect if you’re out drinking to celebrate being another year older. To make this sugary shooter, combine vodka, chocolate liqueur, and a splash of half and half. Make sure you rim the shot glass with sprinkles. This sweet shooter is best enjoyed alongside a slice of actual birthday cake.

Dirty Martini Shooter

Swap the tequila shots for your favorite classy cocktail, served in shooter format. For a dirty martini shooter, shake together vodka, vermouth, a drop of olive juice, and of course, garnish it with an olive. Knock it back as if it were being served in a martini glass.

Lemon Drop Shooter

Citrus-flavored drinks are always popular — the fact that we suck on a lime with our tequila shots is enough to prove this. This lemon drop shooter successfully takes the heat away from the vodka: Simply add lemon juice and a pinch of sugar to the vodka to make this sour shot.

PB&J Shooter

PB&J doesn’t have to just come in edible format. Transform these favorite childhood flavors into a lethal drink format by mixing half an ounce of hazelnut liqueur (such as Frangelico), and half an ounce of black raspberry liqueur. Drinking shooters won’t get any tastier than this.

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