12 Most Hilarious Birthday Cake Fails

You’ll never trust any bakery ever again after seeing these birthday cake mistakes
Most Hilarious Birthday Cake Fails

Brian Sheehan previews our list of some of the most hilarious birthday cake fails we've ever seen.

Birthday Cake

We're pretty sure that decoration wasn't what the customer was after.

Indulging in a huge slice of birthday cake is definitely our favorite thing about celebrating being another year older. A perfectly frosted cake, decorated with sprinkles and candles, hiding a chocolate sponge underneath, is a treat we look forward to all year. However, our birthday would be a lot less special if we were forced to celebrate with one of these terrible cakes.

12 Hilarious Birthday Cake Fails (Slideshow)

We know that cake decorating requires a lot of skill: Icing a cake beautifully, getting that perfectly smooth finish, and piping on the ‘Happy Birthday’ message is much harder than it looks. This is why we often entrust birthday cake baking and decorating to the professionals. Ordering a cake from a reliable bakery will mean there’s no risk of a cake disaster on the impending birthday. Or will it? These cake decorator’s terrible mistakes will make you think otherwise — simple decorating instructions are often far too complicated for lots of bakers to understand.

If you do decide not to risk having your loved one’s name spelled wrong on top of their birthday cake, and so take things into your own hands, that doesn’t appear to be a safe option either. The almost unrecognizaable Hello Kitty decoration on some poor birthday girl’s cake will be enough to put you off trying to do anything more than complicated than covering the cake in whipped cream and sprinkles.

Whether it’s a Minnie Mouse cake with Minnie’s face missing, or a cake on which the baker has piped the pick-up time and instructions instead of the birthday message, these hilarious cake fails will make you slightly more careful about which bakery you pick to make your next birthday cake.

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