5 Foods You Need for a Successful ‘Gilmore Girls’ Party

Grab an extra-large mug of coffee and use these recipes for your ‘Gilmore Girls’ watch party
Gilmore Girls

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Just because the Gilmore clan never cooked doesn't mean you can't!

After nine long years, next week (Nov. 25), Gilmore Girls will finally be coming back to your living room with the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. In addition to snappy dialogue, endless pop culture references, and a mother-daughter relationship any of us would kill for, Gilmore Girls always featured tons of food. From elaborate wedding cakes from the kitchen of Sookie St. James to the pancakes at Luke’s Diner to the massive amounts of takeout in the Gilmore house, everywhere you looked there was something to eat in Stars Hollow.

So, as you prepare for the new season of Gilmore Girls, what better what to prepare than with lots of food? Whether you’re going to binge-watch Season 8 or catch up on your favorite episodes before the premiere, there’s no excuse needed to have a Gilmore Girls watch party this month. So, build a pillow fort, snuggle up with an extra-large mug of coffee, and use these recipes to really get in the mood:

Chinese Food

The Gilmore fridge in Stars Hollow was always filled with leftover Chinese takeout. You can create your own just-as-good-as-takeout pork lo mein featuring lemongrass and plenty of ginger. Or, if you’re looking for another classic that’s easy to make at home, you can’t go wrong with some shrimp fried rice.


You wouldn’t dream of throwing a Gilmore Girls party without coffee, would you? The Gilmore clan and this entire show was fully fueled on this stuff. Give a little spin on your coffee by making it Irish or by making a proper cold brew.


Pizza, the universal party food, was integral to any Gilmore Girls shindig. It was around for countless Lorelai/Rory(/Dean) movie nights, Rory’s first college party (thrown by Lorelai), and was snuck by Lane when she had to eat her mom’s bizarre vegetarian dishes for dinner. Though making your own pizza can sound intimidating, this Margherita pizza recipe uses a major shortcut with a store-bought crust.


Though the most cooking Lorelai and Rory would do is popping their breakfast pastries in the toaster (and even that was a lot), you can make your own take on the Pop-Tart from scratch. Try this savory pumpkin toaster pastry, which uses seasonal squash to play into Season 8’s holiday season release date.

The “Rory”

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So maybe this drink tasted like a My Little Pony and was disturbingly pink, but no drink quite captures the well-intentioned party planning of Emily Gilmore quite like Rory’s signature drink from her 21st birthday. In a martini glass, mix together equal parts pineapple juice and vodka. Add a splash of grenadine and top off the glass with Champagne (to avoid an overly sweet cocktail, use a very dry Champagne). Garnish with a maraschino cherry and cheers!