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14 Habits of the Worst-Ever Wedding Guests

How to avoid being that dreaded guest who ruins his or her friends’ big day

With wedding season well and truly upon us, the brides and grooms are hurriedly finalizing the last details of their big day: They’re nervous, stressed, and incredibly excited about sharing this major life event with you and all their other guests. However, they won’t be so thrilled that they invited you to this special occasion when you (unintentionally, we’re sure) behave like one of the worst ever wedding guests. Avoid these 14 habits to make sure you’re not the most hated wedding guest, who comes close to ruining this couple’s special day.

14 Habits of the Worst-Ever Wedding Guests (Slideshow)

Planning a wedding is time-consuming, complicated, and challenging. There are so many tiny details to remember, and so many elements of the day depend on the requirements and numbers of your wedding guests. If you’ve been invited to a wedding this summer, and you haven’t yet RSVP’d, you are already at risk of becoming one of the worst ever wedding guests by simply forgetting to reply by the requested date. To be a good wedding guest you need to be prompt, low-maintenance, and thoughtful. This means that you shouldn’t turn up with an uninvited plus one, nor should you call the bride the morning of the wedding to confirm the start time and location of the ceremony. This is not your day to shine: On this one day you need to focus on celebrating your friend by showering them with love, attention, and kind words.

In the heat of wedding season, it’s easy to let your perfect wedding party behavior slip. Read on for a quick reminder of what you should never do, unless you’re set on ruining your friends’ day, and making sure that the newlyweds try to avoid speaking to you for at least a year afterwards.

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