A Look Into President Obama’s Food Preferences

No candy in the trail mix, please

In his memoir, Reggie Love, Barack Obama’s right-hand man during his first presidential campaign, reveals what he learned about the president’s eating habits.

As President Obama’s right-hand man during his first presidential campaign in 2007, Reggie Love has gained unique insider knowledge on the president. In his memoir, Power Forward: My Presidential Education, Love details his experience with touring around the country with Obama, babysitting his children, and serving his meals, according to Business Insider.

Love recalls one incident in particular where he bought the president the wrong kind of trail mix before a flight from Washington to New York City. Love writes, “The senator opened the bag of trail mix I'd bought and proceeded to pick out every M&M, holding them all in his palm like pieces of candy-coated toxic waste.” Obama says, “I'm not going to eat these,” and proceeds to offer them to Love, who refuses. Love describes the incident as “the first of what would be thousands of notes to self about the president's pet peeves.”


Some other of the president’s food specifications include no gum wrapped in tiny papers but rather plastic-packed Dentyne Ice, no energy bars with fruit pieces, no mayonnaise ever, nothing battered or fried, and orange juice or green tea in the morning.