The 14 Funniest Fortune Cookie Fortunes Ever Found

Let these fortune cookies make you laugh

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These fortune cookies will have you laughing hysterically.

Fortune cookies originated in the early 1900s in Los Angeles, California, where they were invented by Chinese immigrant David Jung. He created these small, crispy treats to give to the poor who slept outside near his restaurant, and included inspirational scriptures to offer encouragement to those less fortunate. Since then, of course, they've become the essential final course at American-style Chinese dinner, whether served at a restaurant table or tossed into a takeout bag. Most of the time, fortune cookies offer gems of advice and often a Chinese vocabulary word, but you can also find specialty fortune cookies designed for wedding proposals, baby announcements, and, yes, jokes.

The 14 Funniest Fortune Cookie Fortunes Ever Found

The fortune cookie has brought plenty of wisdom and laughter to diners. Many fortune cookie lovers have become addicted to the messages inside, and some don’t even wait until the completion of their meal to read it.

The next time you eat Chinese and think about skipping the fortune cookie, think again. It could be truly inspirational — or make you laugh harder than you’ve laughed all day. We’re sharing a few of the best comical fortune cookies fortunes that we found across the web that you will definitely get a kick out of.

Fortune 1

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About time I got out of that cookie.

Fortune 2

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Every exit is an entrance to new experiences.