11 Quick and Easy Tailgate Recipes

These low-stress dishes will keep you fed throughout the game
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Pizza Roll Up


Why spend the day cooking when you'd rather be watching football?

Whether you’re cooking out by the stadium, firing up the grill in your own backyard, or staying warm and watching the game indoors, one thing is certain: You and your fellow fans need some sustenance to get you through to the fourth quarter. While some game day dishes can be complicated — just look up snack stadiums (building football stadiums out of food) on Pinterest — these tried and true recipes are quick and easy dishes you can bang out before kickoff without sacrificing flavor, leaving you with more time to enjoy the game.

What is great about these recipes is that they are simple to follow and don’t sacrifice taste. Read on for Quick and Crispy Buffalo Wings made in under an hour without the mess of a deep fryer, a bevy of dip options to dunk your chips and veggies into, and plenty of snacks and sides to ensure you won While some aka Hail Mary pizza order before the end of the game.