11 Must-Have Items for Your Super Bowl Party Slideshow


3. Face Paint


Just because you're watching the game on TV rather than in person doesn't mean you can't step things up and get into the spirit of the day by adding some team color to your face (in addition to themed clothing, socks, and perhaps jerseys). If kids are a part of your game day plans, this is an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to get even the youngest members of the family into the game day spirit.

7. Mason Jars


Yes, jars. Double-dipping is a major Super Bowl party foul, but when you're serving up your addictive seven-layer dip, it's inevitable. Instead, invest in some inexpensive mason jars for individual servings of the game day favorite. Pair with some salty corn chips and everyone will be happy. Then, save the jars to make jam or to serve up some rustic margaritas.

8. Margarita Mix


When it comes to a Super Bowl menu, greasy food and beer are a must. But for those who don't drink beer, have something strong other than soda and plain liquors. A quick and easy favorite is the margarita mix from Stirrings. It's made with fresh lime juice, but all the work is done for you, so you won't get stuck in the kitchen squeezing limes.

9. Real Texas-Style BBQ


To take their game day celebration to the next level, some might fire up the smoker — a little difficult if you're living in an urban environment. So we'll settle on the next best thing: a spread of authentic Texas-style pit-roasted brisket, juicy slow-smoked pork ribs, and cheesy cornbread with a kick, all serving up to 20 people.

10. A Post-Game Treat

Flickr/Ralph Hockens

Before you send guests home, sober them up with a little coffee or hot chocolate, and then tempt them with a "super" sundae spread, including cookie bowls. Or test your hand at making football-shaped Cocoa Krispies treats, football-topped cupcakes, and football-shaped chocolate truffles.

Not a baker? Order in some cookies shaped as footballs and jerseys and football-inspired cupcakes from your local bakery (or Crumbs.com). 

11. Prizes for the Pool

Goode BBQ Company

Sure, the winner walks home with a wallet that is just a bit fatter. But for those who weren't as lucky, offer up a consolation prize that will still leave a good taste in everyone's mouth: a bottle of Goode Company's BBQ sauce and spice rub straight from the pros down in Houston, Texas. Maybe it will bring them good luck for next year.

2. Ice Cubes


Aside from the game, food and drink matter most on game day. Be sure to stock up on plenty of ice to keep those beers nice and cold. Jazz up the plain cubes with these football-shaped cubes that either glow the color of your cocktail or every color in the rainbow. Plus, they're good again next year (assuming an adoring fan doesn't walk home with one).

4. Turf-Inspired Table


Short of growing your own wheatgrass table, the best way to bring the field home is by lining the table with a swathe of synthetic turf like this.It's easy to clean (take it outside and spray with the hose), and can be reused next year assuming you don't melt it. For something less cumbersome, try a table covering that looks like the field.

5. Bowls for Serving


To serve up all your game day foods, use a variety of durable bowls in different shapes and sizes. Present chips and dips in these brightly colored bowls in your team's colors, and use a tray like this for those bacon-wrapped dates and cheesy potato skins. Serious about football? Invest in one of these — it will come in handy all season long.

6. Beer Koozies


They look cool, keep your beer colder, and prevent the condensation from dripping onto your lap. Plus, they show exactly where your loyalties lie.

1. Paper Plates and Napkins with Some Skin


While we typically opt for reusable fabric napkins and real plates when throwing a dinner party, between the food, friends, and game, there's not a lot of time to keep up with a load of dishes. And if you're going to buy paper, you should have a little fun, like with these plates and napkins that show a bit of (pig) skin.