13 Worst Super Bowl Party Fouls

It's the day football fans live for — Super Bowl Sunday. With Super Bowl XLVI coming to Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium for the very first time this year, it'll be a particularly memorable celebration. Plus, it's a great excuse to lounge on the couch all day, eat finger-licking good wings and greasy nachos, and wash them down with too many bottles of beer or team-inspired cocktails.

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The Super Bowl is definitely a reason to party. But if you've ever attended a get-together where the recently single dude is glued to the couch, obsessing over his lackluster performance in the office pool, or where your host guards her infamous queso dip like a mother bear because she only made so much and has to save it for guests who come later, things can go wrong.

Whether you're hosting a large group of people on Feb. 5 or are party-hopping your way across town from one friend's to another, we've put together a list of the 13 worst party fouls that a host or guest could make.

Begin by planning ahead. If you want everyone on your list of 20 to come over, you need to be the first to secure the date — your party is more apt to suffer if you send invites out the week of the game rather than, um, say now. And don't be afraid to ask guests to bring something. Make it a competition  the person who brings the most popular snack or beverage walks away with a surprise, a share of the pool perhaps.

Putting on a little Madonna during the pre-game show never hurts — just don't create a separate "ladies" room for those who didn't follow the season as closely. Stock up on all the party essentials, and be sure to ice down all the drinks well in advance (and we mean all  no one likes warm beer). Washing machines work well in a pinch for this task. And guests, no matter how good the nachos are, don't hog them... or double dip the chips into the spinach dip. Want to be invited back next year? By no means should you let it be known that this party is just your first of four for the night.

Click here for the 13 Worst Super Bowl Party Fouls Slideshow.