Southern eqtiquette

10 Ways Southerners Are Way More Polite Than You

Just look to the six components of classic Southern hospitality
Southern eqtiquette

"Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

There are a lot of things the southern United States is known for: a particular accent, insanely delicious and indulgent foods, and an unending heat, just to name a few. But if there’s another thing that sets the South apart from the rest of the country, it’s the signature hospitality of its residents.

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There are widely considered to be six pillars to classic Southern hospitality: charity, charm, good home cooking, helpfulness, kindness, and politeness. Each one of these six qualities emphasizes a different individual aspect of how to be the most considerate person you can be and each one of these six qualities is apparent in a proper Southerner.

Beyond these six basic aspects, manners, polite language, friendliness, and one’s own reputation play a huge rule in both why and how Southerners are so darn polite. Chances are a true Southerner could teach you a few lessons about proper etiquette.

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