10 Ways to Have a Great Family Summer Without Going on Vacation

You don’t need to go far to have fun

When school’s out and the weather is finally sunny and warm every day, one thing pops into every family’s mind: It’s time to go on a summer vacation. Whether you head to Disney World, go on a cruise, or take a road trip, the family vacation is a staple of summertime memories.

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But not for every family, at least not every summer. Budget, time constraints, and family obligations such as sports can get in the way of a weeklong getaway.

No matter your reason for not traveling this summer, don’t feel bad about being unable to go on a summer vacation this year. You can have a great time with your kids at home, too. All it takes is a little imagination and a desire to use your home and hometown in ways you never dreamed of before. From turning your backyard into a water park destination to traveling to local hot spots to making the most of your nearby parks, you can have an amazing summer full of memories without even leaving home.

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