The World’s 30 Wildest Potato Chip Flavors

You won’t believe the insane flavors these companies have come up with

30) Lay’s Artesanas Natural Olive Oil

Yes, Lay's makes chips fried in olive oil. They're just impossible to find in America. 

29) Cheese and Grilled Chili Lay's

We’re not sure which type of cheese or chili these are supposed to taste like, but word is that they’re pretty good. We hear that they’re sharp, tangy, and a little spicy, and are only available in Thailand. 

28) Mushroom Lay's

The flavor of this chip, which is available only in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, doesn’t apparently taste much like mushroom (it’s apparent just sort of sweet and creamy-tasting), and in fact, it’s not that tasty at all. 

27) Elma Chips Grilled Chicken Sensações

Once you start screwing around with meat flavors, unless it’s bacon you’re treading on thin ice. These Brazilian chips reportedly taste nothing like chicken. 

26) Pringles Tropical Chicken

Again with the chicken. You’ll be seeing a lot of chicken on this list. While the can shows palm trees, a grill, and skewered chicken chunks, there’s no real indication as to exactly what sort of "tropical" flavor they’re going for. 

25) Lay’s BLT

A bacon and lettuce and tomato sandwich, in chip form? This probably doesn’t taste so bad, actually.

24) Lay's India’s Magic Masala

If you put a bunch of Indian spices on a potato chip and told us to eat it, we would. And it would probably taste good. 

23) Crab Lay's

In the U.S., "crab chips" usually have crab seasoning on them, not actual crab flavor. Not so in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, where they taste of nothing but fake, fishy crab. No thanks. 

22) Garlic Prawn Lay's

Same deal here as with the Crab Lay's: Who actually thinks it’s a good idea to make a potato chip taste like seafood? (That’s a question we’ll be asking a lot here, as you’ll see). These also reportedly taste of nothing but pungent fish.

21) Lay’s Chicken & Waffles

Lay’s rolled out Cheesy Garlic Bread, Sriracha, and Chicken & Waffles flavored chips as part of their 2013 "Do Us a Flavor" contest, with Cheesy Garlic Bread taking the top prize. We imagine that Chicken & Waffles, which tasted vaguely of fried chicken spices doused in maple syrup, was at the bottom of the pack.

20) Lay's Maple Moose

Lay’s held a similar contest in Canada, with Creamy Garlic Caesar, Pierogy Platter, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, and something called "Maple Moose." While pierogies and grilled cheese with ketchup can be considered a little funky for a chip flavor, the flavors at play (cheese, onions, tomatoes) are pretty much par for the potato chip course. But Maple Moose? First instinct would tell you that the "moose" is just a play on words, but it’s not. These chips were actually moose-flavored! They apparently had an odd savoriness, topped off with an odd sweetness from the maple. Only in Canada!

19) Lay's Finger-Licking Braised Pork

Folks, it’s time to stop trying to make potato chips taste like meat.

18) Walker’s Builder's Breakfast

These chips were part of Walker’s (a very popular chip brand in England) very own "Do Us a Flavor" contest. Modeled after an English breakfast of eggs, bacon, buttered toast, and tomato sauce, it reminds us a little of the chewing gum that made Violet turn into a blueberry in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

17) Pringles Seaweed

Seaweed is actually a pretty common chip flavor in Japan, but we can see why the trend hasn’t reached its way stateside. 

16) Nori Seaweed Lay's

All they’re missing is a slice of raw fish!

15) Walkers Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

Once again we’re reminded of the chewing gum in Willy Wonka

14) Terra Kettles General Tso

The chef that inspired this flavor must have manned a wok in a Chinese restaurant. At least Terra had the good idea to stop before saying whether it was flavored like General Tso’s chicken or beef. We’ll just assume it’s General Tso’s potatoes, which actually sounds pretty good. Hey, chef!

13) Pringles Xtreme Screamin' Dill Pickle

Want your potato chip to be XTREME?!? Then make it taste like a dill pickle, bro! Sorry, what?

12) Marmite

The sticky, brown, salty yeast extract known as Marmite is popular in the U.K., so much so that they extended the brand out to potato chips. It’s loaded with umami, so we can see it working, but Marmite is, shall we say, an acquired taste. 

11) Walkers 2010 World Cup Chips

This was pretty weird. In honor of the 2010 World Cup, Walkers made a limited-edition line of truly bizarre chips, ostensibly to celebrate all the different teams competing. What they ended up with — Spanish Chicken Paella, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, French Garlic Baguette, Australian BBQ Kangaroo — are collectively some of the wildest chip flavors ever released for public consumption. 

10) Lay’s Natural and Cool Kiwi

Remember when kiwis were all the rage? We thought that hand cream was the farthest the hard-to-peel fruit would go, but apparently not. 

9) Walkers Chili and Chocolate

Chiles and chocolate have been paired together for centuries, but they work better when turned into a beverage, or mole. On a potato chip? Simply bizarre. 

8) Walkers Cajun Squirrel

Is this what the Brits think American food is?

7) Walkers Crispy Duck and Hoisin

Another entrant in a Walkers contest, this one paired sweet hoisin sauce with something that probably didn’t taste much like duck. Weird.  

6) Cucumber

Cucumber-flavored potato chips? Cucumber-flavored potato chips. 

5) Lay's Rasa Salmon Teriyaki

Please stop trying to make potato chips taste like fish! Especially sweet teriyaki fish

4) Jiminy Chips Chocolate Marshmallow

At least the chile and chocolate chips made an attempt at savoriness. Have you ever heard of a potato turned into a delicious sweet treat? Neither have we. 

3) Lay's Hot Chili Squid

Why Lay’s thought that folks would want to eat squid-flavored chips, we can’t say. Why not leave the squid out of it and just go for hot chile? 

2) Caviar Lay's

One of the most highbrow foods on Earth, combined with one of the most lowbrow foods on Earth. There’s absolutely no way this flavor combination could work. You'd think they'd at least use Beluga caviar instead of cheap salmon roe on the packaging!

1) Lay's Hot and Sour Fish Soup

If you’re really in the mood for a bowl of hot and sour soup with fish in it, why not just go get a bowl of it? Is there really anyone out there who wants their potato chips to taste like "intense and stimulating" hot and sour soup with fish in it? If there is, we salute you, because you’re a fan of the wildest, weirdest potato chip flavor on Earth.