Substitute with Seaweed


Your typical lunch wrap may be stuffed with all the healthy goodness you could find in your kitchen, but it’s probably wrapped in a giant round pile of simple carbohydrates. That tortilla adds about 200 calories and almost the same amount of carbs as three slices of bread to your meal.

Now compare those numbers with toasted Nori, the seaweed used as the outer wrap of sushi rolls. Each sheet of nori contains just five calories and zero fat and carbs. But not only will this green piece of magic help get you ready for a rockin’ summer beach bod, it will add a ton of vitamins A, B6 and C to your typical lunch. You can find it in Asian supermarkets, many health food stores and even some regular grocery stores. If you’re skeptical about wrapping up your lunch in a sheet of seaweed, go eat some sushi and then try to tell me this isn’t an amazing idea.

Photo by Laura Silver

Nori is very thin, dry and easily cracked. However, once it is slathered with any sauce or spread, it immediately becomes soft, moist and easy to fold up. I usually mash half of an avocado and spread it evenly over every inch of one side of the sheet. Sprinkle on a dash of cumin for some added flavor.

Photo by Laura Silver

Then, pack in your favorite protein and veggies. I used sliced turkey, but I suggest trying smoked salmon to make it taste more like sushi.   

Photo by Laura Silver

Now roll it up and enjoy!

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