Pickling Made Easy with Bob McClure of McClure’s Pickles

Bob McClure of McClure's Pickles shares insider pickling tips.

McClure's Pickles

No-Sweat Pickling: Reuse the Pickle Juice

Stick some extra firm tofu, cucumbers, cauliflower, or carrots back in the pickle jar juice, put them in your fridge, wait two weeks and try your "new" refrigerator pickles.


Think Outside the Pickle Jar: Try New Combos

We've done a curry sauerkraut. The ingredients aren’t so weird separately, but together you get a few odd looks and the occasional, "that sounds interesting." But it turns out it's actually good; the sauerkraut is tangy and effervescent and the curry adds a smoky barbecue to the cabbage that is unique, unexpected and really tasty.


Work with What You’ve Got: Try Seasonal Produce

Right now, if you're in the Northern half of the states: Squash, beets, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant and peppers are all great fall vegetables that are available right now. If you're in California... you're in luck because you can grow just about anything out there all the time... lucky bastards.


Take it up a Notch: How to Add the Heat

Quite simply, add spicy peppers or a dried version of spicy peppers. If you chop them up, be prepared for an even spicier dish. The heat from the peppers (capsaicin) is released when the pepper fruit is chopped and its seeds exposed. We try to have a balance between spice and the other flavors that are present which hopefully leaves the customer with a pallet of flavors ... plus a kick. 


And After That?

Hangover help: The salt and vinegar will revive you after a busy, busy night.

Homemade Bloody Mary's, pickletini's or as a chaser in Pickle Back shots, but that’ll put you in the same situation that required you to drink the juice in the first place to cure your hangover.

Soups, marinades and dressings: Have you ever brined a turkey for Thanksgiving? Maybe this year you should. You can marinate just about anything in the brine for a few hours and it will absorb a number of great flavors.


Getting Out of This Pickle: Ways to Use ‘Em

Grilled Cheese: A grilled cheese sandwich with sauerkraut and a spicy pickle cut into thin slices or small chips is pretty top notch.

Pickle Pizza: cut some spicy pickles into large round pieces.  Cook your pizza and, during the last 5 minutes, throw on the pickle slices.  The tanginess of the vinegar and spice work well with the dough, cheese, and other ingredients.

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