This Video Of a Little Girl Cuddling Her Carbs Is All of Us: Watch

youtube bread girl
left: Youtube/ Katie Bloodworth Right: Dreamstime

We. love. bread. We are not above ordering a second basket of it at dinner, or noshing on a few morning bagels a week. It’s soft on the inside, crusty on the outside, good to eat room temp or toasted, and it’s even better slathered with butter. Hollow your bread out into a bowl and fill it with soup? Forget about it! It’s the ultimate comfort food. That’s why this video of a toddler cuddling several slices of bread like it’s her precious blankie is the most relatable thing ever.

Two-year-old Olivia, a Georgia toddler with a craving for carbs, was captured by her mother Katie Bloodworth via video toddling into a room clutching a whole mess of sliced bread. “What do you have?” Bloodworth can be heard asking the tot in a YouTube video that has almost 15,000 views.

The little girl inches closer to her mother to show off her bounty, which looks to be about half a loaf.

“Is that bread?” Bloodworth asks her daughter before Olivia takes a big bite out of one of the pieces and tilts her head back with a look of glee on her face — instantly recognizable to any carb lovers as “bread bliss.”

Bloodworth told local news affiliate ABC 30 that the footie pajama-wearing bread thief stole the loaf out of the pantry and ran into the other room to enjoy her abundance of slices, but not before her mom was able to capture her on video. “Girl loves her bread!” Bloodworth can be heard laughing. The Daily Meal has reached out to Bloodworth and her carb-hungry kid.

If this video made you say “same” or “it me” at least once, it’s time for you to carb-load with bread around the world, from baguettes to naan.

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