Types of Bread Around the World

Bread Around the World: From Baguettes to Naan

Doughy, global goodness

Bread is one of those foods that brings the world — and your dinner table — together. One of the oldest artificial foods in the world, it’s been a staple in human diets since agriculture was a thing. You can make bread out of all types of flours and with all kinds of ingredients, resulting in endless variants throughout the world. Bread is generally associated with hospitality, and it’s affordable, which is why you’ll find it served at most restaurants and in nearly every culture on the globe.

Bread Around the World: From Baguettes to Naan Gallery

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Contrary to the bad rap it’s gotten in recent years, bread isn’t bad for you. Easy to transport and a great source of carbohydrates and nutrients such as iron, magnesium, vitamin B, and dietary fiber, it’s a supremely important food that deserves to be appreciated in all its iterations. So forget those myths you heard about gluten and chow down on these amazing breads from around the world, from baguettes in France to South Asian naan.